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Does LA Have An Obsession With Donuts?

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

…Or is it just me? I found myself salivating every time we passed one of the many donut shops so I figured I needed to get to the bottom of this. Which led me to Randy’s Donuts, where I’m pretty sure you can see the place from space as the donut on top is larger than the actual building. It’s still early, but there’s already a line forming outside underneath the plastic tent. It also isn’t much of a location, the cars zip by and the traffic never subsides. You risk getting hit by a car swerving in and out of the drive-thru as you have to cross both exit (if you’re a normal person just trying to park to get to the good stuff,) as well as entrance, (if you’re like me trying to take a good picture of the building.) Which leads me to this:

A (not so) Comprehensive Guide to Randy’s Donuts:

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

1. Make sure you’re not standing in the area everyone has to drive into.

There’s a little lined area where you can get the perfect selfies from without becoming a pancake.

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

2. Don’t be that person at the front who still has no idea what to order.

Don’t know what you want? Grab a menu from the window and bring it back in line with you so you don’t get angry looks from the staff & customers behind you.

3. Come with cash unless you want to play Frogger to get cash back at the gas station across the one of busiest intersections ever.

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

I waited awhile to get this as the traffic was pretty much constant

4. You’ll want to try as many flavors as possible, but keep in mind; though small, they are pretty filling.

But no one said you couldn’t get more than one donut for later (my biggest regret was only getting two.)

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

Pro tip: Skip the old-fashioned donuts (unless you REALLY love that buttercream flavor) and head straight for the fruit glazed ones. Cherry tastes like actual cherries floating around in your mouth.

6. Take a picture with the big donut. Take a picture with your own donut.

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

Marco didn’t want to show off his buttercream donut

7. Leave. Unless you want to sit on a pee-filled bus bench, it’s better to find a spot that doesn’t remind you of a gas station parking lot and you can free up the limited parking spaces.


LA, I noticed early on, is a treasure trove for great donuts. Gone are the Dunkin’s at every corner as I’m used to in New England (definitely wasn’t missing those donuts), but they have a plethora of frosting-topped treasure troves I’m going to go ahead and recommend Consuming LA’s guide, but also compile a quick list some fan favorites:

1. The Donut Man (915 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740)

Consistently ranked in the top five donut shops in the country. Open 24/7

Images courtesy of Primo's website

Images courtesy of Primo’s website

2. California Donuts (3540 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, 90020)

Instagram-worthy donuts also open 24/7

Images courtesy of California Donut's instagram

Images courtesy of California Donut

3. DK’s Donuts & Bakery- (1614 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404)

Oh the selection.  Family run business with the only ube donut, which is essentially a purple yam glaze. Also open 24/7.

What's up with LA's Obsession With Donuts? By Jetplane Jean

Images courtesy of DK Donut’s website.

4. Donut Friend – (5107 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065)

What's Up With LA's Obsession With Donuts? By Jetplane Jean

DO IT YOURSELF DONUTS??? A little expensive ($2-3 build your own) but I’m a sucker for anything DIY

Images Courtesy of DK Donut's Instagram

Images courtesy of Donut Friend’s Instagram


5. Primo’s – (2918 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064)

Images Courtesy of California Donut's Instagram

Images courtesy of Primo’s Instagram

Old school. Cash only. Not a whole lot of atmosphere, but great buttermilk donuts (if you’re into that.) Great place if you’re looking for one of the original LA donut shops. Named one of the best donut shops in the US by Food & Wine magazine.

So let me know, did I leave any other amazing donut shops in LA out? Better yet, what should I get next time I’m back West?

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