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Being Selfish When You Travel

Being Selfish When You Travel by Jetplane Jean

For as long as I can remember, I have always picked books over parties, as well as myself over others in the sense I just really, really like to be alone. The silence I can surround myself with is as sweet as any melody that has ever graced my ears as it leaves me to my thoughts, for better or worse. I’ve never had a problem striking out on my own, especially when there’s something I’ve been yearning to do…

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Are You Including These Top 10 Things To Photograph When You Travel?

Improve your travel photos by checking out these top 10 things you should photograph in any location. Travel photography tips for any level of expertise.

Photography, as well as writing, have always been my two weapons of choice to document the memories I’d otherwise forget. Surprisingly enough, I’ve started to realize my photography style is completely different from my written musings. When I go back searching for a certain type of photo, I find more landscapes and candids. In my travel journals, it’s filled with brief encounters, spellings of places I dined at, the outfits I wore, and pricing of the expensive food I ate in Iceland.…

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What Happened to California’s Famous Hot Pink Jim Morrison Cave?

What happened to the secret hot pink Jim Morrison cave in Malibu California?

Stumbling into the car before dawn, armed with sunscreen and several water bottles, I was finally ready to take on hiking in LA. Nervous for the oppressive heat and minimal tree cover, I again took advantage of jet-lag leaving me wide awake at 5 am for once. By the time the alarm blared, I was ready for our morning trek. Or at least as ready as someone who only packed hi-top Converse can be, but hey. I had heard about the legendary…

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Stop Hiding Behind The Camera While Traveling

Take More Travel Selfies: Stop Hiding Behind The Camera: Why It's So Important To Be In Your Own Travel Photos

During an event back in Connecticut I was working recently, my job was to go around and ask families if they wanted their picture taken. 98% of the time, people always said yes, eager to have some sort of digital proof that they were there for the day. I also tend to approach people already taking a photo of their friends or family, mainly because it’s already set-up and there’s a definite yes that they want more than just a…

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