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I Attended Thailand’s Lantern Festival & It Was A Complete Nightmare

Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai Thailand Guide

Watching the night sky fill with thousands of blazing balls of light, the Yee Peng/Yi Peng lantern festival in Thailand is something you see on many bucket lists. When my travel partner Jenn and I realized our leg of the journey coincided with the festival’s potential dates (it varies each year depending on the full moon cycle), we were elated. It was, judging from the photos, something to not miss, being THE festival of festivals. It’s Instagrammed by the masses,…

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An In-Depth Look At All The Popular Neighborhoods in Singapore: A Travel Guide

Guide to Neighborhoods in Singapore

The neighborhoods in Singapore are a part of a diverse melting pot that blend in a beautiful way. One can experience the colors of Little India, head to Chinatown for $3 lunch at a traditional food hawker stall, and wind down with a night of luxury shopping on Orchard Road. There is something for everyone’s budget in Singapore, truly. Whether you’re staying for a day or a month, Singapore has a lot going on under it’s seemingly sterile surface. Although…

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Please Stay To The Left: The Ultimate Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Travel Guide

Imagine a nicer, more efficient New York City. One where people stand politely to the sides on the subway platform and -gasp- actually give up their seat to older riders or pregnant women. Picture a city where littering is illegal, and despite the high cost of living there are plenty of beautiful and free things available to see/do. Such a place exists in this world, and its name is Singapore. Admittedly, I wasn’t too thrilled about traveling to Singapore at…

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