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From Brooklyn With Love: Year Two

New York City Pickle Day

Here I am, two years into living in New York City and finally feeling comfortable, perhaps too much so, in this place. The rumble of the subway only slightly registers in my ears now and a perpetual stream of honking becomes daily background noise. The steady hum of the city is energizing and comforting all at once. Once all the chaos begins to normalize and feel less so, it can be easy to fall into a routine in spite of…

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Everything Ever: My 30 Before 30 Travel Bucket List

An unusual 30 Before 30 Travel Bucket List spanning almost all seven continents. How many of these have you completed?

Picture a simple, white desk with an open laptop, basking in the morning sun. Now, pan to the left and in the corner of this desk stands a massive stack of notebooks looming over all else, all precariously balancing on top of one other. Most are half-filled, several with only a few pages marked up, otherwise left in a pile unused. They contain appointments, to-do lists, inspiring quotes, how I’m feeling at that moment, and various doodles threaded in the…

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I Attended Thailand’s Lantern Festival & It Was A Complete Nightmare

Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai Thailand Guide

Watching the night sky fill with thousands of blazing balls of light, the Yee Peng/Yi Peng lantern festival in Thailand is something you see on many bucket lists. When my travel partner Jenn and I realized our leg of the journey coincided with the festival’s potential dates (it varies each year depending on the full moon cycle), we were elated. It was, judging from the photos, something to not miss, being THE festival of festivals. It’s Instagrammed by the masses,…

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Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side Of Brooklyn?

Is the grass really greener on the other side of Brooklyn? Living in Bushwick Brooklyn has had it's ups and downs, but was the move worth it?

As we looked for a place to park our behemoth of a U-Haul truck, we were greeted by an older man in a faded baseball cap. He waved us over, letting us know we could park in the empty spot right near where we needed to be. Though technically, the area he guided us to was a no-parking zone.  A heavily graffitied garage door was bolted shut on one side, the other was open to reveal a well-worn auto shop…

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One Year In New York City & Why I Decided To Move Back Home

One Year In New York City & Why I Decided I'm Moving Back Home

June 13th marked my one year anniversary in the city and spent it by laying on my floor mattress, loft recently disassembled. The air in our apartment was stifling; the breeze outside nonexistent. I never reinstalled my air conditioning this spring as it was an unusually cool few months for once. Plus, the thought of trying to haul that thing and cut another custom piece of plywood to ensure it sat in the window correctly was not appealing in the…

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Aren’t You Afraid? Attending The Women’s March on NYC

Stunning Photos of the Women's March on NYC

“Aren’t you afraid?” Twice, I have attended rallies in New York City. Twice, I have been asked the same exact question. Have I ever felt afraid for my safety? Isn’t it scary to be engulfed in a crowd? Considering I do it every day around rush hour, when I stuff my body onto the already packed F train, I’d say no. This weekend, I attended the Women’s March on NYC, and not once did I feel afraid.…

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