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2016 Was My Worst Year Ever: Goals for 2017

Setting Goals for 2017

Seeing as I took last week off to properly celebrate and take part in the holidays, I figured I’d start whilst on the plane to Mexico, trying to ignore the fairy sounds from the little girl’s iPad in front of me. The mom was good for the first few hours, constantly hushing her two noisy children, but she’s since fallen asleep and they’re letting loose. But I digress. Every time I look back at 2016, my feelings are mixed. Right off…

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An Updated Love Letter To Living In Brooklyn

Living In Brooklyn: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Recently,  I talked about writing my own love letter and stuffing it in the overflowing letter box that sits tucked away in one of my favorite cafes in Connecticut. Written prior to living in Brooklyn, this letter was when I wasn’t sure if the apartment I threw most of my savings at was going to be mine. Was it all going to be one huge mistake? Still, I was finally chasing after one of my oldest dreams of living in the city. Though nervous…

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Is This The Easiest Morning Life Hack Ever?

Simple Life Hack To Get Your Morning Started Faster

Oftentimes, we fly by the seat of our pants through life. Rushing to work. Scrambling to make your hair resemble something normal. Hurrying to make dinner after work for 7 pm (5 pm if you’re eating at my parent’s house..) All of that converts to some pretty heavy feelings towards everything and anything that gets in our way. Aggravation because the highway is more backed up than usual. Crankiness due to our shows on Netflix not loading because of the damn internet taking too long,…

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This Time I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Cry

This Time I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Cry - Jetplane Jean

“You know, I could see you living here one day.” I glance over at my friend who’s got his eyes trained towards the blue sea as we cruise along the snaking highway, soaking in the surrounding beauty that is the island of Maui. Ever since we have arrived, there has been a sort of peace overwhelming all of my senses and I know he feels it too. The laid-back lifestyle, the perfect weather, even the mannerisms of the locals I…

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A Guide to Being Brave with your Life

A Guide To Being Brave With Your Life by The Travel Savage

A lot of the times, it only takes maybe ten seconds of courage. Have a drink at that bar you've been meaning to try by yourself. Say yes when someone asks you to swing dance even if you're painfully aware of your two left feet the entire time. Explore a new place, with or without others. Let yourself have a good cry from time to time. Go talk to that cute guy (or girl) you've been eyeing for a half…

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Goodbye & Farewell To All That: 2015 In Review

If I were to sum up my experiences in 2015 with one word, I don't believe I truly could. It was certainly a year of exploration, adoration, happiness, and strengh. On the other hand, there was also a lot of pain. I lost a best friend to her own demons, a beloved grandfather to old age, and had my heart broken harder than I could have ever imagined possible. The kind that leaves you screaming your hurt into a pillow…

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