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Where To See Tulips in Amsterdam: Should I Go To Keukenhof?

A guide on when to visit the tulips in Amsterdam, what ticket to buy, photo-worthy tulip fields, and if Keukenhof is worth a visit.

If you managed to make it through my long (& emotional) post on exploring the tulip fields in the Netherlands, I applaud you. At first, I was going to include a mini guide and comparison section at the very end to help you decide on how to best see these tulips in Amsterdam, but after all the crying I did sorting through old photographs last week, it felt a bit weird. After our initial flight to Amsterdam was canceled and…

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2 In Europe/ Norway

The Naked Oslo Sculpture Park: Body Positivity At It’s Finest

Oslo sculpture park by gustav vigeland

By this point in our Oslo stay, we must have wandered the streets for an hour looking for this park. It isn’t hard to find, but, sure enough, no one could decide on the right way to go. It was raining. I was forced to wear a bright red windbreaker. Everyone was cranky. All I was told was it was the world’s largest park that happened to be in Norway and that it’d be an experience. Well, they weren’t kidding.…

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The Time We Were Kidnapped on the Faroe Islands

The Time We Were Kidnapped on the Faroe Islands: A Story of Human Kindness

Okay, so we may or may not have actually been kidnapped on the Faroe Islands (although the thought did cross my mind when Johannes wanted to show us their basement.. It all started when I made the mistake of going out with our Airbnb hosts the night before. And believe me, these Faroese ladies mean business when it comes to partying. Around 4am, we stumbled back into the house and a few hours after my head hit the pillow, I heard Marla’s alarm go off. There…

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How To Not Go Completely Broke In Iceland: A Simple Travel Guide

A Practical Iceland Guide: Get All The Tips, Tricks, And Costs To Visiting Iceland

  “Iceland is rugged. Iceland is beautiful. But be warned, Iceland is expensive.” Any time I’m asked how I liked Iceland, this is typically my response. Whether it was the constant rain, or the lack of places open in the lesser-traveled locations, Iceland just didn’t speak to me the way it does with practically everyone I talk to about visiting. It’s scenic and bizarre in a great way, but something just didn’t do it for me. I had a great time regardless,…

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The Ends Of The Earth Are Beautiful: Faroe Islands In A Nutshell

A remote, rugged island made up of 50,000 people in between Iceland and Norway filled with some of the friendliest people on earth. Would you go?

Let’s just say we did not get off to a great start on our way to the Faroe Islands. After one nearly missed flight and a $120 taxi ride later to the right airport (double-check all your airport codes in advance!) we also realized upon arriving we had missed the only bus departing from the Faroe Island airport for the next few hours. Great. A short, 15 minute taxi ride would have been $30 per person. When you’re ballin’ on a budget,…

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20 Photos That Will Make You Want To Explore Iceland ASAP

From abandoned ships to incredible waterfalls, Iceland has something for everyone. Check out the top 20 photos to inspire your next trip to Iceland.

The secret is out, Iceland has quickly become one of the top destinations for many seasoned as well as first-time travelers. Rated high for safety, its rough landscape entices many to explore its Mars-like scenery. Whether you decide to stick to the Ring Road or venture off the beaten path and onto the dirt roads of the Westfjords, you’re sure to find yourself slamming the brakes on more than one occasion to take photos (just make sure to find a…

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