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How To Not Go Completely Broke In Iceland: A Simple Travel Guide

A Practical Iceland Guide: Get All The Tips, Tricks, And Costs To Visiting Iceland

  “Iceland is rugged. Iceland is beautiful. But be warned, Iceland is expensive.” Any time I’m asked how I liked Iceland, this is typically my response. Whether it was the constant rain, or the lack of places open in the lesser-traveled locations, Iceland just didn’t speak to me the way it does with practically everyone I talk to about visiting. It’s scenic and bizarre in a great way, but something just didn’t do it for me. I had a great time regardless,…

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20 Photos That Will Make You Want To Explore Iceland ASAP

From abandoned ships to incredible waterfalls, Iceland has something for everyone. Check out the top 20 photos to inspire your next trip to Iceland.

The secret is out, Iceland has quickly become one of the top destinations for many seasoned as well as first-time travelers. Rated high for safety, its rough landscape entices many to explore its Mars-like scenery. Whether you decide to stick to the Ring Road or venture off the beaten path and onto the dirt roads of the Westfjords, you’re sure to find yourself slamming the brakes on more than one occasion to take photos (just make sure to find a…

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Finding Balance While Traveling- Am I Wasting My Trip?

Finding Balance While Traveling by Jetplane Jean

As soon as I realized I’d have 24 hours to myself in an unfamiliar town, I didn’t think much of it. “I’ll just hang out for a bit, walk around and shoot.” So far, it’s 6:30pm here and all I’ve done since 7:30 am since I’ve arrived at my hostel is order an over-priced cup of coffee and nap. My entire being feels uneasy, just sitting to do work and not being able to walk around. I keep looking out…

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