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Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side Of Brooklyn?

Is the grass really greener on the other side of Brooklyn? Living in Bushwick Brooklyn has had it's ups and downs, but was the move worth it?

As we looked for a place to park our behemoth of a U-Haul truck, we were greeted by an older man in a faded baseball cap. He waved us over, letting us know we could park in the empty spot right near where we needed to be. Though technically, the area he guided us to was a no-parking zone.  A heavily graffitied garage door was bolted shut on one side, the other was open to reveal a well-worn auto shop…

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One Year In New York City & Why I Decided To Move Back Home

One Year In New York City & Why I Decided I'm Moving Back Home

June 13th marked my one year anniversary in the city and spent it by laying on my floor mattress, loft recently disassembled. The air in our apartment was stifling; the breeze outside nonexistent. I never reinstalled my air conditioning this spring as it was an unusually cool few months for once. Plus, the thought of trying to haul that thing and cut another custom piece of plywood to ensure it sat in the window correctly was not appealing in the…

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Stop Hiding Behind The Camera While Traveling

Take More Travel Selfies: Stop Hiding Behind The Camera: Why It's So Important To Be In Your Own Travel Photos

During an event back in Connecticut I was working recently, my job was to go around and ask families if they wanted their picture taken. 98% of the time, people always said yes, eager to have some sort of digital proof that they were there for the day. I also tend to approach people already taking a photo of their friends or family, mainly because it’s already set-up and there’s a definite yes that they want more than just a…

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Is This The Easiest Morning Life Hack Ever?

Simple Life Hack To Get Your Morning Started Faster

Oftentimes, we fly by the seat of our pants through life. Rushing to work. Scrambling to make your hair resemble something normal. Hurrying to make dinner after work for 7 pm (5 pm if you’re eating at my parent’s house..) All of that converts to some pretty heavy feelings towards everything and anything that gets in our way. Aggravation because the highway is more backed up than usual. Crankiness due to our shows on Netflix not loading because of the damn internet taking too long,…

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