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23 Photos To Inspire A Non-Cancun Road Trip Around Mexico

Places to take a road trip around Mexico with these beautiful photos as inspiration

There’s no secret here; Cancun is known for being so built up. One simply can’t see the turquoise waters as you drive along the coast due to the amount of resorts sandwiched together. The main strip is an all-inclusive “paradise” any of the traditional, Yucatán culture was replaced by American food chains and souvenir outlets. Ocean views are swapped out for luxury malls. Women with small children were hawking handmade goods on every corner. Workers were everywhere trying to push tours, restaurants, rentals, and don’t…

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Visiting One Of The New 7 Wonders Of The World: Chichen Itza

Visiting Chichen Itza: How to Avoid The Big Crowds and Aggressive Vendors

Confession: We almost went all the way to Mexico and didn’t stop at the most famous ruins, Chichen Itza, in the country. Ranked as the largest Maya city, this place is massive, but very walkable. Interest bloomed in ancient ruins around 2012 when, you know, everyone lost their minds about the catastrophic, world-ending Mayan prediction. Though the world did not cease to exist, it pumped a ton of money into maintaining and restoring some of the Mayan ruins. Out of…

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Travel To Cancun: Top Things To Expect & Avoid

Cancun Travel Guide: Top Things To Expect & Avoid

As I was hauling my suitcase from the humid elevator, my mom crosses the lobby and murmurs, “you better hurry up, the sunrise is incredible,” without stopping. By the time I threw my brick of a suitcase into the back of the car and made my way back up the stairs in the dark, I was greeted by a warm glow from the beach. At this point, the only other person around was a girl softly dozing in a chair,…

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