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23 Photos To Inspire A Non-Cancun Road Trip Around Mexico

Places to take a road trip around Mexico with these beautiful photos as inspiration

There’s no secret here; Cancun is known for being so built up. One simply can’t see the turquoise waters as you drive along the coast due to the amount of resorts sandwiched together. The main strip is an all-inclusive “paradise” any of the traditional, Yucatán culture was replaced by American food chains and souvenir outlets. Ocean views are swapped out for luxury malls. Women with small children were hawking handmade goods on every corner. Workers were everywhere trying to push tours, restaurants, rentals, and don’t…

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2 In Maine/ Roadtrip/ United States

The Time The Entire Island Was Invited To A Vow Renewal

A few friends and I agreed to visit an old classmate, Andrew, one summer at his new place. On an island off the coast of Maine, Andrew was there to pick up some extra money during the lobstering season. Spending months in a family home without tv or internet, a just going about a simpler life. I was intrigued. North Haven island is mainly used as a place for seasonal workers to rest their heads after a long day on the boat. What…

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20 Photos That Will Make You Want To Explore Iceland ASAP

From abandoned ships to incredible waterfalls, Iceland has something for everyone. Check out the top 20 photos to inspire your next trip to Iceland.

The secret is out, Iceland has quickly become one of the top destinations for many seasoned as well as first-time travelers. Rated high for safety, its rough landscape entices many to explore its Mars-like scenery. Whether you decide to stick to the Ring Road or venture off the beaten path and onto the dirt roads of the Westfjords, you’re sure to find yourself slamming the brakes on more than one occasion to take photos (just make sure to find a…

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Finding Balance While Traveling- Am I Wasting My Trip?

Finding Balance While Traveling by Jetplane Jean

As soon as I realized I’d have 24 hours to myself in an unfamiliar town, I didn’t think much of it. “I’ll just hang out for a bit, walk around and shoot.” So far, it’s 6:30pm here and all I’ve done since 7:30 am since I’ve arrived at my hostel is order an over-priced cup of coffee and nap. My entire being feels uneasy, just sitting to do work and not being able to walk around. I keep looking out…

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3 In New Mexico/ Roadtrip/ United States

From Tired Eyes To Feeling Re-Energized In New Mexico

From Tired Eyes To Feeling Re-Energized In New Mexico by Jetplane Jean

Cruising through New Mexico, a place I assumed there wouldn’t be much to look at as the flat fields rolled by and the mountains in the distance barely making an impression. We needed to make it to El Paso, Texas by nightfall, so there wasn’t much time to check out some of the gorgeous White Sands, or much of anything really. We were on a mission, but one that did not account for what became single most beautiful moment of…

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0 In Canada/ Montreal/ Quebec City/ Roadtrip

How We Survived Canadian Border Patrol

How We Survived Canadian Border Patrol by Jetplane Jean

Picture seven lanes of traffic funneling into one lane with cars bumper to bumper, all attempting to leave on an otherwise Sunday afternoon. Driving up to the tiny booth, the wild-haired woman bore her eyes into each and every one of our souls before launching into a series of invasive questions, all while eyeing the backseat. It seemed we appeared to have a bit of free time, so they ultimately forced us to pull to the side and into the tightest garage…

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