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The Perfect Guide To Surviving Long-Haul Flights

The Perfect Guide to Surviving Long Haul Flights

Spending nearly a full day in a tiny space, next to people you’ve never met before, is no one’s idea of a good time.  Surviving long-haul flights isn’t easy, especially for those of us who can’t catch any ZZZ’s while in the air. Upon hearing how long my flight was to Southeast Asia, Singapore specifically, the general reaction is a visible shudder. Sixteen hours, or two work days back-to-back, was only the first leg to China. Another four hours later,…

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Are You Including These Top 10 Things To Photograph When You Travel?

Improve your travel photos by checking out these top 10 things you should photograph in any location. Travel photography tips for any level of expertise.

Photography, as well as writing, have always been my two weapons of choice to document the memories I’d otherwise forget. Surprisingly enough, I’ve started to realize my photography style is completely different from my written musings. When I go back searching for a certain type of photo, I find more landscapes and candids. In my travel journals, it’s filled with brief encounters, spellings of places I dined at, the outfits I wore, and pricing of the expensive food I ate in Iceland.…

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Stop Hiding Behind The Camera While Traveling

Take More Travel Selfies: Stop Hiding Behind The Camera: Why It's So Important To Be In Your Own Travel Photos

During an event back in Connecticut I was working recently, my job was to go around and ask families if they wanted their picture taken. 98% of the time, people always said yes, eager to have some sort of digital proof that they were there for the day. I also tend to approach people already taking a photo of their friends or family, mainly because it’s already set-up and there’s a definite yes that they want more than just a…

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The Ultimate List of Cute & Practical Gifts For Travelers

Top Unique & Practical Gifts For Travelers

I recently had someone approach me about looking for a gift for their friend, telling me I was known for always giving great presents. I had never really thought about it until then to be honest. But after listening to quite a few people stress out about finding gifts for friends/family/significant others, I think it’s high-time I share some of my secrets. Which aren’t really even secrets to begin with considering it consists of two notions; listen & observe. That’s…

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How To Quickly Sort Through Thousands Of Photos

Quickly Edit Travel Photos with these 4 Steps | A Lightroom Tutorial

Sorting through hundreds, or even thousands of photos right after any trip, sort or small, can be extremely daunting. A lot of the time you’re exhausted, cranky about going back to work, jet lagged, or overall just plain unmotivated. Sure, the thrill of photographing the sights was there, but the thought of going back and organizing photos collecting dust weeks afterwards?…

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