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From Brooklyn With Love: Year Two

New York City Pickle Day

Here I am, two years into living in New York City and finally feeling comfortable, perhaps too much so, in this place. The rumble of the subway only slightly registers in my ears now and a perpetual stream of honking becomes daily background noise. The steady hum of the city is energizing and comforting all at once. Once all the chaos begins to normalize and feel less so, it can be easy to fall into a routine in spite of…

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When Silence is Deafening: Night at the Monuments in DC

Lincoln Memorial Washington DC at night

I felt my flip-flops slide from underneath me more than once, whether it was due to the slick pavement, or simply the buzz I was riding from the bar beforehand. It was raining, no, pouring on Washington, DC and we were attempting to tour it. En route to our nation’s capital Growing up so close to Washington, DC, it never occurred to me just how quick of a journey it was by train. Amtrak can take you almost anywhere, yet…

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Life In A Shoebox: Apartment Hunting In New York City Really Sucks

Apartment hunting in New York City is the worst ever. Have you ever wondered what the inside of these expensive rentals look like? Here's my top 3..

Finding the perfect apartment can be a thrilling whirlwind of an experience- new place, new roommates, new neighborhood. With my mom, a real estate agent, and my father, a home inspector, I’ve been able to see inside a fair share of homes on the market in the past. Each time, it’s a bit of a rush to figure out how I’d personally set up the oddly shaped living rooms, spacious bedrooms, and tiny yards. Yet, apartment hunting in New York City…

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What Happened to California’s Famous Hot Pink Jim Morrison Cave?

What happened to the secret hot pink Jim Morrison cave in Malibu California?

Stumbling into the car before dawn, armed with sunscreen and several water bottles, I was finally ready to take on hiking in LA. Nervous for the oppressive heat and minimal tree cover, I again took advantage of jet-lag leaving me wide awake at 5 am for once. By the time the alarm blared, I was ready for our morning trek. Or at least as ready as someone who only packed hi-top Converse can be, but hey. I had heard about the legendary…

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Aren’t You Afraid? Attending The Women’s March on NYC

Stunning Photos of the Women's March on NYC

“Aren’t you afraid?” Twice, I have attended rallies in New York City. Twice, I have been asked the same exact question. Have I ever felt afraid for my safety? Isn’t it scary to be engulfed in a crowd? Considering I do it every day around rush hour, when I stuff my body onto the already packed F train, I’d say no. This weekend, I attended the Women’s March on NYC, and not once did I feel afraid.…

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The Time The Entire Island Was Invited To A Vow Renewal

A few friends and I agreed to visit an old classmate, Andrew, one summer at his new place. On an island off the coast of Maine, Andrew was there to pick up some extra money during the lobstering season. Spending months in a family home without tv or internet, a just going about a simpler life. I was intrigued. North Haven island is mainly used as a place for seasonal workers to rest their heads after a long day on the boat. What…

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Love Letters & Church Pews – Connecticut’s Most Unique Cafe

Las Vetas Lounge in Fairfield Connecticut is known for having a secret love letter drawer. Can you find it the next time you go?

From high-heeled chairs, to chandeliers of monkeys in suits holding up the lights, Las Vetas lounge has my heart. Hand’s down, after all the cafes my travels have taken me to, my all-time favorite is one that’s closest to home. I haven’t had much luck with cute cafes in Connecticut (but if you have some suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!) in general, but always find myself returning to this one when I’m home. The first time I went…

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