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What Happened to California’s Famous Hot Pink Jim Morrison Cave?

What happened to the secret hot pink Jim Morrison cave in Malibu California?

Stumbling into the car before dawn, armed with sunscreen and several water bottles, I was finally ready to take on hiking in LA. Nervous for the oppressive heat and minimal tree cover, I again took advantage of jet-lag leaving me wide awake at 5 am for once. By the time the alarm blared, I was ready for our morning trek. Or at least as ready as someone who only packed hi-top Converse can be, but hey. I had heard about the legendary…

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The Mystery Of LA’s Urban Lights At The LACMA

Jetplane Jean, is a professional photographer with a travel blog. Cassidy Jean lives in Brooklyn and writes about city living, mishaps abroad, and the importance of mental health while traveling.

My alarm buzzes for 5:45 am and at this point, I have already settled into the Western time zone and can no longer convince my body that it is truly 8:45 am as if I were back at home. I don’t even need to wake Marco, he’s been awake for the past hour and is ready to get a move on this morning. I’m lucky I have such understanding friends, Marco has to be in at work at 11 am…

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Does LA Have An Obsession With Donuts?

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

…Or is it just me? I found myself salivating every time we passed one of the many donut shops so I figured I needed to get to the bottom of this. Which led me to Randy’s Donuts, where I’m pretty sure you can see the place from space as the donut on top is larger than the actual building. It’s still early, but there’s already a line forming outside underneath the plastic tent. It also isn’t much of a location, the…

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