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A Quick & Practical Travel Guide To New York City

A Quick And Useful Guide To Visiting NYC

I’ve hit my 4th month mark of living in Brooklyn, and close to five years since I first hopped on the Metro North train from Connecticut to explore New York City on my own. I remember the anxiety taking my seat each time regardless if it was for a job interview or concert, the knots in my stomach impossible to untangle by the time we arrived at Grand Central. Terrified I’d take the wrong subway to my internship, I would walk the 25 blocks each day…

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A Broken Fridge And Gas Leak Scares- My First Week In Brooklyn

First Week In Brooklyn by Jetplane Jean

Well, it has officially been a week since I’ve moved to Brooklyn. Though I still have yet to have my first official “weekend” in Brooklyn, and probably won’t for a while with all the traveling back & forth to Connecticut. My feet hurt yet I want to keep exploring, I’ve already tired of the 40 minute journey to my friend’s apartment, and I’ve been “that person” in a café that hogs the wifi for 5 hours (I promise I did buy…

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It’s About Damn Time – Moving To New York City

Moving To New York City

I’ve put off writing this piece partially because of the amount of work I’ve had to finish, life events that need to be properly prepared for and celebrated, but also because some part of me still believes this isn’t real. But considering my future roommates were handed their keys and I’m on my way to pick mine up today, it’s finally here. No longer does it remain an unanswered wish, an unfulfilled promise to my younger self; it is so very real now. I…

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The Mystery Of LA’s Urban Lights At The LACMA

Jetplane Jean, is a professional photographer with a travel blog. Cassidy Jean lives in Brooklyn and writes about city living, mishaps abroad, and the importance of mental health while traveling.

My alarm buzzes for 5:45 am and at this point, I have already settled into the Western time zone and can no longer convince my body that it is truly 8:45 am as if I were back at home. I don’t even need to wake Marco, he’s been awake for the past hour and is ready to get a move on this morning. I’m lucky I have such understanding friends, Marco has to be in at work at 11 am…

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Does LA Have An Obsession With Donuts?

What's LA's Obsession with Donuts? Exploring Randy's Donuts by Jetplane Jean

…Or is it just me? I found myself salivating every time we passed one of the many donut shops so I figured I needed to get to the bottom of this. Which led me to Randy’s Donuts, where I’m pretty sure you can see the place from space as the donut on top is larger than the actual building. It’s still early, but there’s already a line forming outside underneath the plastic tent. It also isn’t much of a location, the…

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You’re Never Truly Alone in A Place Like Chicago

You’re Never Truly Alone in A Place Like Chicago - People of Chicago by Jetplane Jean

About six months ago, I flew out to Chicago to photograph three incredible human beings. One was a part-musician, part-comedian. The other two will be revealed in later “people of Chicago” posts. Today, I’m focusing on Matt Griffo. What first got me interested in photographing his face was his voice. Not only that, but the way he crafted his songs, most being slightly inappropriate, had mothers to requesting him at children’s birthday parties. That in itself I found hilarious enough to want…

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What Does The Future Hold For New England Skiing?

Hey New England, Where’s All The Snow At?

I lost track of how many times I went from cutting hard through the slush to holding my breath to lightly skim over the ice with my skis, all in a matter of seconds. My eyes can typically discern even the smallest of slick spots, but the thin layer of powder is keeping these covered this time. It’s even worse on overcast days where the conditions are the same, yet I’m starting to see spots in front of my eyes…

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